How To Set Up Your Soaker Hose in Your Garden


Have you tried hand watering your garden in the summer? Not the best experience if you agree. Your watering system determines how well your plants will grow.

The level of care given to your plants is evident in their produce. Water plays a major role in determining how your plants look. Some people prefer to use garden hoses for watering. Contact us for your hoses.

It all depends on your choice of hose and how you want the water to be dispensed in your garden. Many have chosen to use a soaker hose for this exercise.

What Is a Soaker Hose?

As the name implies, a soaker hose is a hose that soaks. It is what it is, literally. The soaker hose is different from other hoses.

The soaker hose is built with thousands of holes along its entire length. The purpose of having so many holes is to allow water to seep through.

This is a very different pattern of irrigation since many other methods either involve a sprinkler or a physical intervention from a human.

The soaker hose is known to be very reliable. This is because it delivers water directly to the base of the plants. This all happens without any wastage of water.

Hand watering may prevent water from reaching the base of the plant. The water may get dried, runoff, or even evaporate before it gets to the base of the plant.

How Can Your Install Your Soaker Hose?

The Unwinding

One of the best feelings is the unboxing or unwind of a new buy. You get to feel that this time as you make the first step in your soaker hose installation process.

Except your soaker hose is not brand new, then you need to quickly get done with this phase. But if it is, take your time. Everyone can wait.

Afterward, remember to leave the hose under the sun for at least one hour. This is to help loosen the hose coil form that it was packaged in so that it is easy to place.

Uncapping The Soaker Hose

Now you should remove the end cap. Then connect the soaker hose to a spigot. Run the water through the soaker hose.

Running water through the soaker hose is to flush the hose. It is advisable to do the flushing once or twice when you purchase a new hose and twice each year as a way of removing built-up debris.

Post-Flush Recap

Now you can replace the end cap that was removed, re-cap.

Spigot-Garden Distance

The distance between the area to be watered and the location of the spigot should determine what the next move will be.

If the spigot is far from the area to water, more than the hose length, the spigot should be connected to a garden hose first, then the soaker hose should be connected to the other end of the garden hose.

If the distance from the spigot is just within the range of the soaker hose length, the soaker hose should be connected to the spigot.

The Long Stretch

It is now time to stretch out your soaker hose and turn on your water source. Keep adjusting the water pressure until the flow becomes steady.


For you to enjoy the services of your soaker hose, please follow the guide manual from the manufacturers. It will help you to properly maintain your soaker hose too.


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