Importance of a Retractable Extension Cord Reel


An extension cord reel is a piece of equipment that holds an extension cord for easy access and storage purposes, preventing it from wear and tear. Most extension cord reels accommodate all kinds of cords commonly used in homes, industries, and commercial applications. Cord reels are either self-retracting and unwind the cords automatically or hand-winding cord reels that require manually turning to move the cord. Retractable cords reels are available with extension cords and without. In this article, we discuss the benefits of retractable extension cord reels.

Benefits of Retractable Extension Cord Reels

The popularity of extension cord reels has grown massively over recent years due to several advantages. They include;

1. Enhance Organization

Extension cords lying around your house, workspace, or garage aren’t pleasing. No matter how much you try coiling them up neatly, they somehow get disorganized after a while. Having free lying cords with no exact place to put them is tricky. It’s even easy to misplace one or two in the house if today you store a cord at a corner in the house, tomorrow on the garage shelf, then the bedroom, and so forth.

A retractable cord reel keeps the cord in place, neatly rolled up until it’s needed for use. It also provides a permanent location for cord storing, so the next time you need it, searching the entire house won’t be necessary since you know exactly where to get it. In addition, cleaning up your space is quick and easy since the cords are in their designated area and not the floor.

2. Enhanced Safety

Loose wires or electrical cords are a safety hazard, especially if you have kids running around. Their feet can get trapped, and they end up falling, causing unnecessary accidents. Also, electrical cords extending from the power source across the floor to the connected accessory are detrimental if they come into contact with water. A retractable extension cord reel winds the cord properly, preventing knots, folds, or kinks that can damage the cord’s wires.

3. Presence of Self Lock Features

Since retractable extension cord reels wind the cords automatically, you may ask what makes it stop when in use. The device has a self-lock feature or self-stop mechanism designed to automatically lock the cord in place after pulling to its desired length. Thus, you can use the cord freely and safely without fear of retraction until your work is done. After use, a short tug releases the cable and winds back on its own in an organized manner.

4. Versatility

The use of retractable cord reels is not limited to a single application. They are used in multiple settings like homes, offices, hospitals, and cars. Most of them fit different types of cords; however, some models are specifically designed for use indoors or in medical applications. After buying, where to mount them is dependent on you. They can be mounted on walls, ceilings, floors, or benches as long as they serve their purpose.


Retractable extension cord reels provide easy access for cords, protect them from damage, plus other advantages mentioned above. This article has provided an insight into the importance of having the cord reel for your applications which can be bought from the local or online store.


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