Uses Of An Retractable Pressure Washer Hose Reel


An automatic retractable pressure washer hose reel has become an essential tool in every household, office, or garage. The automatic retractable system makes using it get very effortless. The method used for installing an automatic retractable hose reel is very straightforward. If you need one, then know it is easy to install and use. An automatic retractable pressure washer hose reel has several parts, and each part has its unique functions. This post aims to look at the functions of parts of an automatic retractable pressure washer hose reel.

Functions of parts of an automatic rewind pressure washer hose reel

1. Hose reel automatic mechanism lock

The purpose of a hose reel automatic mechanism lock is to unwind the hose smoothly and efficiently automatically. Therefore, you do not need to grip the hose firmly as the hose reel’s mechanism automatically locks. For example, if you want to increase the length of your hose, pull the hose, and the reel’s mechanism will automatically unlock.

2. Hose reel automatic rewind system

The automatic retractable hose reel allows for the hose to rewind. In addition, it has a braking mechanism that controls the rewinding process.

3. Layering system

As the name suggests layering, the layering system helps the hose to coil neatly without twisting or turning.

4. Automatic reel

The primary purpose of the automatic reel is to store away the hose and protect it from adverse weather conditions. There are weather conditions such as scorching sunny days that can cause the hose to be stiff and harden. The reel provides a protection cover from such incidences.

5. 180-degree rotation bracket

The use of a 180-degree rotation bracket is to act as a pivot for an automatic pressure washer hose reel to rotate for 180 degrees. It ensures that you can reach whatever direction you need.

6. Hose stop

The hose stop function stops the hose from completely retracting into the hose reel, ensuring that the hose is readily available for use.

7. Child lock

The child lock is very convenient for people with children. It stops children from pulling out the hose and playing with it, enabling the hose to be tugged only when needed.

8. Bracket and screws

The bracket and screws used are for mounting the hose reel to the wall. Though mounting to the wall is not a must.

9. Micro-shield

The purpose of the micro-shield is to offer resistance to abrasion. Also, aluminum-coated copper joints offer resistance to crush.

10. Hose

The hose is one of the essential parts of an automatic retractable hose reel. The hole is necessary for watering.

11. Nozzle

A nozzle in a pressure washer hose reel helps control the direction of water and the water flow.


There are different sizes present in the market for a pressure washer hose reel tool. The size depends on your use. Having a pressure washer hose reel that is wall mounted can be very advantageous and time-saving. A combined automatic retractable hose reel and a pressure washer help save time while assembling. The wall-mounted design allows for the pressure washer not to turn over as you pull out the hose; it keeps it steady.


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