An Ultimate Guide on How to Care For Your Knife Set


If you’re looking to update your kitchen cutlery to the newest trends, a kitchen knife set is a must-have. They are as necessary for cooking tools as flour is in baking. Therefore, investing in a high-quality kitchen knife set and then caring for it so that it lasts a long time is essential.

Knife block sets are helpful when you have a large assortment of knives. That is why it’s better to select a knife set that comes with a sleek and elegant block set, so you don’t have to worry about storing your knife set in unusual places. This article will take you through how to care for your precious knife set and store them.

How to Keep Your Knife Set In Good Condition

Taking care of your knife set includes cleaning them properly and sharpening them when necessary to ensure that they last for a long time. Storing your knives securely, so they’re out of reach of children is also an important step that you shouldn’t ignore.

Cleaning Your Knife Set

Although most knife manufacturers claim that their knives are dishwasher safe, it is best to avoid cleaning them in a dishwasher. This will keep your blades in good shape for a long period. Instead, rinse your knife set with hot, soapy water. After that, instead of letting them air-dry, use a towel to dry them. Perform the same step to wash your entire knife set.

After each usage, clean your knives thoroughly, giving special care to the blade. Because the blade has a cutting edge, you should use caution when washing it to avoid accidental cuts. While different steel blades necessitate different washing techniques, we’ve outlined the most common one above for your convenience.

Sharpening Your Knife Set

It’s a good practice to sharpen your knife once in a while so that they cut with ease. An unsharpened knife will require you to put in more force to cut into things. This raises the chance of your knife causing a mishap which could’ve been easily avoided with a sharpened knife.

There are two common sharpening methods that you can employ to sharpen your knife set. These are as follows:

  1. Use A Mechanical Sharpener: Although it’s old school, many people still prefer using this method because it’s an easy and inexpensive option. Sharpening is done by simply pulling the knife between two V-shaped rotating steel wheels.
  2. Use an Electric Sharpener: It’s a more advanced technique used to sharpen knives. It gets the job done quickly and more easily. To sharpen a knife, gently slide it across the V-shaped steel wheel that will polish the blade.

Storing Your Knife Set

Purchasing a high-quality knife set but keeping it in your cutlery drawer can severely shorten the life of your knife set. A knife block set is an ideal method to keep your kitchen knives. As you insert and draw them out frequently, the horizontal straight ones will cause your blades to be dull over time. As a result, it’s recommended to choose a knife block set with a tilted design.

You should not only invest in a high-quality knife set but also take adequate care to clean and store them to maintain the longevity of your blades!


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